Reclaim Your Mind- The World Wants Your Attention

Where you place your focus makes a difference

Photo by chester wade on Unsplash

“The question is, what deserves your attention? And who gets to decide?” — Tristan Harris.

The power of attention

“Energy flows where attention goes” — Tony Robbins


Our subconscious is programmed via emotion

“Brands are also investing in highly emotional content intended to make their audiences, well, cry. Creating highly emotional experiences seems to be an attempt to stand out and get to what is most scarce in our current economy: customer attention.”

The engineering of attention


Reclaiming our minds — the ‘attention diet’

“The same way the proliferation of junk food fucked up our bodies in the 20th century, the exponential growth in junk information has fucked up the emotions and minds in the 21st century” — Mark Manson

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