Embody Your Higher Self And Level-Up Your Life

Hack reality and become the person you know you are inside

#1: Imagination: Are you visualising what you want?

“You can study all these things that you have in a book, but if you don’t have the imagination and then take it to another level, it doesn’t mean anything.” — Elon Musk

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#2: Belief: Can you believe in yourself, and trust the process?

“Observe your thoughts, instead of being constantly the victim of your thoughts.” — Tim Ferris

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Conviction is the cement

Hack your alpha and theta states

#3: Emotional energy: Can you feel yourself to be that person, now?

“Ideas are impressed on the subconscious through the medium of feeling. No idea can be impressed on the subconscious until it is felt, but once felt — be it good, bad or indifferent — it must be expressed” — Neville Goddard

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#4: Action: Are you taking action from that energetic state? Are you thinking and acting FROM it?

“Your habits are how you embody your identity” — James Clear

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Persistent action builds identity

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