Why Naval Ravikant suggests high octane work sprints

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“We’d like to view the world as linear, which is, I’m gonna put in eight hours of work, I’m gonna get back eight hours of output, right? Doesn’t work that way. Guy running the corner grocery store is working just as hard or harder than you and me. How much output is he getting?…Outputs are non-linear based on the quality of the work that you put in. The right way to work is like a lion.” — Naval Ravikant

Small actions, repeated daily, yield the best results

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“From the day my…

Finding slices of joy in a global crisis

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“In times like these, it can feel wrong to feel happy. There is so much suffering in the world that appreciating the goodness that still exists can seem unempathic, if not altogether futile.” — Harvard

Joie de vivre — “can be a joy of conversation, joy of eating, joy of anything one might do… And joie de vivre may…

Reduce your chances of being ghosted by doing your research first

Stay flexible and resourceful with these top tips

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